Day Two Hundred Ninety Eight

Pam finally called this morning just after noon.  The doctors had completed the colonoscopy on Dad and determined he had pre-existing diverticulitis.  One of the diverticuli had apparently burst causing the rectal bleeding.  They told Pam they fixed the problem and began giving her instructions for after-care at home, including special diet instructions for Dad.  Suddenly, Dad began complaining of abdominal pain and pointing to his lower right side.  Pam told him it was probably gas from the procedure.  Dad kept saying, “No! Pain!” and rang for the nurse.  That was about the time Pam was leaving a voice mail for me, when suddenly, she hung up.  Pam ran out to grab a nurse and about that time, Dad’s eyes rolled back in his head and he was out.  The crash team came in to work on Dad while Pam waited outside trying to see and find out what happened.  Pam is a prior EMT so she had some idea of what was going on and began to really worry.

Pam called me back just after 1:00 p.m. and told me what had happened.  She was scared.  Pam doesn’t get scared; she isn’t afraid of anything.  Yet, of all the times Dad has been hospitalized and the procedures he had been through, this was the first time he really scared Pam.  That was enough for me.  I went back into the office, told David I needed to leave, packed my stuff and headed to Lori’s house.  I had texted Lori shortly before I arrived so she had woken up Walker from his nap.  He was not a happy camper.  We raced home so I could throw some stuff in a bag and get on the road.  Dave insisted that I not take Walker as I would not be able to concentrate on my Dad with Walker in tow.  Dave had been at the Morico’s, so we met up in Irwindale to swap Walker.  Then it was off to Buckeye.

I stopped at the rest stop just outside of Palm Springs and was able to shoot a few photographs of a couple of horses with the clouded mountains in the background before jumping in the car and getting back on the road.  I arrived in Buckeye around 8:45 p.m.  It was too late to visit Dad, so I would have to wait until morning.  He was stable, so Pam was heading home from the hospital to meet us at the house.  Leslie arrived with Faith and Brandon about 30 minutes later.   We stayed up after midnight talking about Dad, his condition and options.  I don’t think any of us will get much sleep tonight.


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