Day Three Hundred

Today was a good day for Dad.  Pam and I arrived at the hospital in the morning to find out how he had done overnight.  The doctors had given him more blood overnight, but stated he hadn’t had any fresh bleeding.  There was some old blood in his stools, but they didn’t seem too concerned at the time.  The doctor that was there put in orders to have Dad transferred to a regular floor for further observation.  At this point, no more testing would be done as whatever medical issue he had seemed to have resolved itself.

Dad told us he didn’t sleep well during the night, but he didn’t look as tired as he did yesterday.  Pam and I had brought cards to Dad last night so we sat and played “Oh Shoot!” to keep Dad busy.  Pam won!  Around lunchtime, Pam and I headed to the cafeteria while Dad received another breathing treatment.  After lunch, we checked in with Dad again but there was nothing new going on.  He still hadn’t been transferred even though the orders had been put in.  One of the doctors informed us that after they transferred him, they would begin to reintroduce solids to see if the food aggravated anything.  If so, he would be in the hospital when it occurred and maybe, they could figure out where the bleeding was coming from.  It was another watch and wait day.

Leslie, Brandon and Faith left to go home today since Dad was doing better.  Faith wanted me to take pictures of her and Beebee before they left so I took some shots before heading to the hospital.

Pam and I came back to the hospital in the evening to see how everything was going.  Dad still hadn’t been transferred.  As it turns out, the hospital is full and there are no beds for him other than the one in ICU.  Dad was having his liquid diet when we arrived and had just been approved for his first solid meal.  Beef, rice, salad and a roll.  Dad devoured it (even though we advised him to eat slowly).  He was so happy!  The nurse who came on shift did a wonderful job with Dad.  Alex had gotten Dad out of bed and took him for some laps around the ICU.  Dad was pretty quick and glad to get out of bed.  Alex then stripped and cleaned Dad’s bed – the first nurse I saw do that for him.  He also finally had his first bowel movement since the day before about 40 minutes after he ate.  There was not any fresh blood, but he did have some dark, old blood.  Alex said he would be sure to talk to the doctors about it.  Visiting hours were over by the time Alex was ready to give Dad a bath.  It was time for us to leave.  I would be heading home in the morning as I felt Dad was in good hands and there was nothing more I could do for him.  Everything looked pretty good.  I gave him hugs and kisses good-bye, then Pam and I headed back to the house.




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