Day Three Hundred One

On the way home last night, we received a phone call from Alex at the hospital.  A room had opened up so Dad was finally being transferred to another floor.  That was a good sign.

I got up early with Pam and enjoyed some coffee before heading home.  It would a long drive, but a good time to listen to music and think.  It took just under 7 hours to get home.  I did make a stop just outside of Palm Springs to photograph the windmills.  I found a quick side street, shot some photos, then hopped back into the car to get home.  Maybe on another trip I can actually explore the area some more and capture some great shots of the windmills.

When I arrived at home, Walker was napping.  I was so excited to see him and Dave.  When Walker got up, he was happy to see me.  We went outside and played kick ball and football.  I was just thinking how I needed to call Pam when the phone rang.  It turns out that Dad is still bleeding from some area internally, just not the bright, red blood he had been having.  They ran tests on his stools and found the blood.  They believe it stems from the upper GI.  Dad wasn’t in any pain and he looked good, but the problem had not been resolved.  He was going to stay longer.  Pam informed me that the doctors were going to run a scope down his throat in the morning to see if they can find the source of the bleeding.  If they can’t find anything, they will do another colonoscopy.  Because of that, they put Dad back on a liquid diet.  He wasn’t happy about that since he was able to eat solids this morning again.  Pam said there was nothing we could do right now but sit and wait.  If need be, I will head back out to Arizona.  For now, Pam will call me after they’ve done the scope some time in the morning.



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