Day Three Hundred Three

We headed out this morning to Ojai for a hike off of Matilija Road.  We arrived shortly after 9:30 a.m. with Kelly, Savannah, Walker, Charlie, Dave and I.  There was a cool breeze blowing; it was just above 60 degrees.  But the skies were clear and it was a beautiful day to get out into nature.

We took a trail we hadn’t been on before which was supposedly 2.6 miles of moderate difficulty.  But with a 3 year old, things were slow.  We stopped halfway up the mountain to have snacks and rest.  Dave had a great idea about setting up the camera to photograph the family.  I found a nearby tree stump, set the camera on timer, then jumped into the photograph.  This is probably the only photograph in my blog that I am actually in!

We didn’t get back to the car until nearly 2:30 p.m.  Walker fell a couple of times slipping on the rocks, but fortunately, only came up with a little bump on his head.  For the most part, he completed about 4 miles walking by himself.  We were so proud of him.  The total trip was approximately 5 miles and Charlie kept up with Kelly for most of the trek.  Towards the end, Dave put Walker on his shoulders as Walker started to fall asleep.  We ended up using the Camelback as a front sling while I carried Walker part of the way back to the car and Dave carried him the rest of the way.

When we got done with the hike, we headed into Ojai only to find our favorite BBQ place was closed.  We ended up at Casa De Soria for an early dinner.  Once we got home, we hopped into the hot tub to soothe our aching bones.  Everyone was tired and hurting from the hike.  The phone rang a couple of times while we were in the hot tub, but I couldn’t get out to answer it in time.  When I played the message, it was Pam.  She told me to call her as soon as possible.  I was on the phone right away.  She was just inside the room with Dad when she went outside to speak with the nurse before taking off for the evening.  She was tired and had been there all day.  They were planning on releasing Dad tomorrow with new medications to assist with his ulcer.  All of sudden, Dad yelled from his room.  Pam thought (since he had just received his meal), he may have dropped something on the floor.  When she ran back in, Dad was complaining of pain and began to have a seizure.  The crash team came into the room and began working on him.  Pam was kicked out of the room.  The hospital staff moved him immediately back to ICU.  Pam was riding up the elevator with his doctor on staff to meet up with Dad.  She asked the doctor if Dad was bleeding again.  The doctor said, “Yes”.  That was about the time I called her.  She was standing in the hallway as they wouldn’t let her into Dad’s room in ICU yet.  Just as she was telling me what was going on, they came out to get her.  I hung up so she could find out what was going on.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I walked out of the house and over to Bob and Sally’s house for comfort and a glass of wine.  Kelly came over shortly afterwards to get me.  Pam had called back.  They were taking Dad into OR with the critical care staff.  They ran a scope and found the ulcer in his upper GI was bleeding.  He also has a lower GI ulcer, but it was the upper one that appeared to be bleeding.  So off to the OR he goes.  Surgery is something the doctors wanted to avoid because he has so much scar tissue.  I pray everything will turn out good, that the doctors will stop the bleeding and he will be on the mend soon.

UPDATE @ 7:52 p.m.:  I received a call again from Pam.  The doctor now believes Dad has an artery that is leaking.  This may or may not be tied to the ulcer.  Right now, he is in Radiology and they are running dye through him to find out where the leak is.  Hopefully, they can “plug” or fix the leak without having to open him up completely.  Keeping our fingers crossed.


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