Day Three Hundred Five

It’s Valentine’s Day.  A day Dave and I pretty much decided to skip today.  Although, Dave did inform me that chocolate covered strawberries were being delivered to my work today for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve told Olivia to go ahead and open them for the office since I likely won’t be back this week.  We wouldn’t want them to go to waste!

Linda made calls this morning to find a mortuary for Dad.  She made an appointment for us at Smaritan Funeral Home for 3:00 p.m.  Kim and Jessica flew in this afternoon and Dave ended up goint to the airport to pick them up.  Apparently, Michele was supposed to pick them up but she wasn’t aware they were flying into the Mesa airport, not Phoenix International.

Pam, Bryan, Leslie and I arrived at the funeral home just before 3:00 p.m. in a not-so-good part of town.  We met the gentleman Linda spoke with, then followed him into a room in the back of the home.  It was the casket room.  He told us he would be right back with paperwork, then left us surrounded by caskets, adornments and options for buriel.  We obviously were in the wrong room.  It was pretty creepy.

It took us nearly an hour and a half to fill out paperwork and keep ourselves together.  Ed, our funeral home director, informed us of the local cremation service he uses right down the street, then proceded to show us the black box for the ashes, the code on the side of the box and the step-by-step details of the code for the cremation process.  We could have done without that.  So when Ed asked who he should call to inform us of the timelines and details, we all picked Pam.  Unfortunately, she had been through this before and seemed to handle it better than us.  Ed was kind enough to tell Pam that he would personally deliver my Dad’s ashes to her near the house rather than having her drive back to Phoenix to pick them up.  It wouldn’t be for another week or so.

In the evening, the family was together discussing plans for a rememberance service for Dad.  Michele and Kayla were there as well.  We all knew Dad wouldn’t want a church service and thought funeral/memorial services were too depressing.  Linda had a wonderful suggestion for a celebration of life get-together.  With so many friends who knew Dad that wanted to pay their respects, we felt a celebration of life was more appropriate.  We are planning the event for July so that the entire family and their kids can come.  We will let everyone know the details as we put it all together.


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