Day Three Hundred Six

Today was clean-up day around the house.  We helped Pam with vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing while Dave and Bryan started cleaning up the garage.  My Dad had a lot of duplicate tools and various things shoved into cabinets.  It was a huge relief for Pam not to have to deal with that part of Dad’s belongings.

Later in the morning, Leslie, Pam and I headed back to the hospital in Phoenix to sign another document.  Apparently, since the hospital no longer does autopsies on-site, we had to sign a transfer document for Dad to be transferred to U of A for the autopsy, then transferred back to the hospital for transfer to the funeral home.  It was hard being at the hospital knowing we weren’t there to visit Dad.  It was hard for Pam to go back as well.

In the afternoon, Linda, Pam, Kim and I went to Sam’s Club to do some shopping while Leslie stayed at the house to work.  Dave cooked dinner again for everyone.  He has been so great with taking care of everyone since we’ve been here.  Bryan, Kim, Daniel, Bryana, Jacky, Faith and I took a short walk to take some sunset pictures but it wasn’t quite sunset yet.  This photograph of Jacky was one of my favorites as was the photograph of Walker eating a cupcake.  After dinner, Leslie, Faith and Brandon headed back home.  Walker will be pretty sad when he wakes up tomorrow and he doesn’t have Faith to play with. 


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