Day Three Hundred Seven

We took a break today from cleaning and dealing with Dad’s stuff so we could have family time with Pam, Kim, Jessica and the Pierce Family.  Dave had a great idea to take the family to the Phoenix Zoo.  So, Bryan and Dave went to Subway to pick up sandwiches, then we packed up the cars and headed to Phoenix.  We stopped at the picnic area just outside the zoo so we could enjoy our sandwiches before our trek around the zoo.  It was a gorgeous area with beautiful rock and sandstone formations.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the zoo even though it was just after noon and most of the animals were sleeping.  While we were at the zoo, Pam received a call from the funeral home.  Dad’s autopsy was completed and he had been transferred to the funeral home.  All they needed now were the death certificates before sending Dad over to the crematorium for cremation.  The turn-around was quick so we are hoping to receive an autopsy report by early next week and we will finally know the cause of Dad’s death.  I thought it was interesting that it didn’t take that long for the autopsy to be completed so I can only assume they must have found the cause of death right away.  Maybe it was obvious to the medical examiner, but not obvious to the doctors treating Dad.  We shall see.

After the zoo, Pam took us all to Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  We then headed back to the house.  We were all exhausted and most of us ended up going to bed early (before 11:00 p.m.).  Dave, Walker and I plan on leaving tomorrow morning to head back home.  There’s nothing more we can do here in Arizona until the death certificates come and Pam has had a chance to go through some of Dad’s belongings.  We will come back out in a month or so to help Pam sort things out.

Jessica, Kim, Linda, Bryan and Jacky


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