Day Three Hundred Eleven

Dave and I headed out early this morning to go play golf with Bob and Sally at the CBC Base.  For the most part, I did terrible.  I had so good shots, mostly my drives, but my short game wasn’t very good.  After warming up, I did do better on the back nine.  In fact, I actually got my first birdie!  I was on the green in two.  It was amazing!

After golf, we headed over to Toppers for a quick salad and pizza lunch before going home to relieve Savannah from babysitting Walker.  We picked up Savannah, loaded up Walker in the car and headed back to the Base to look at new phones through AT&T.  We ended up with new cell service through AT&T and three new phones which were free.  Dave also purchased my birthday present – a new Kindle Fire.  I was so excited!  I charged it tonight, but haven’t had the opportunity to turn it on and use it.  I’ll do that tomorrow.

In the evening, we went to the AT&T store in Ventura as the Base could not transfer our contacts from our old phones.  On our way to the store, I grabbed my camera for a quick shot of the row of fields on Victoria just before Doris.  We dropped Savannah off in Santa Paula after dinner, then headed back to the house for a dip in the hot tub and bed time.


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