Day Three Hundred Thirteen

It’s Wednesday and I’m already ready for the weekend.  I’ve been busy at work getting caught up on two weeks of work that I missed.  Fortunately, we are not completely swamped at the office and it is still a little slow.

I got a text message from Sally early this morning.  Her brother has passed.  Although we were expecting it, it is still hard when it happens.  Sally and I decided that with the death of my father and the death of her brother, we would just skip February and pretend it never happened!

In the evening, Dave, Walker, Charlie and I went over to Bob and Sally’s for support, good wine and a fire.  Bob lit the fire pit in the backyard and we sat around and talked about life, family and going camping.  I am so blessed to have great neighbors and friends.

I captured this photo of Walker grabbing Charlie as Charlie tried to come into the house.  Walker is constantly grabbing Charlie by the back legs to pick him up.  I guess he thinks the back of Charlie is far enough away from his teeth and takes more of an effort for Charlie to nip at Walker!


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