Day Three Hundred Nineteen

Today was my drop-off appointment for all of Walker’s items I will be consigning this weekend.  Kelly and I packed up the Jeep last night because all of my containers would not fit in the Dodge.  I arrived at the Fairgrounds just before my noon appointment and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to drop everything off.  I’m looking forward to see what items they’ll have on Friday.

In the evening, Katelen, Walker and I went over to Marshall’s to browse around before meeting Dee for our birthday dinner at Olive Garden.  We found a cute “Welcome” sign with a dog on it that looked exactly like Charlie.  Of course we had to buy it.  Besides, it was on clearance for $3.00!  Walker and Katelen played in the toy section before heading over to Olive Garden.  Dinner was good, but I spent most of the time telling Dee about what had occurred the two weeks Dad was in the hospital and his death.  We talked about how her Mom passed unexpectedly as well after an admission to the hospital for a bleeding ulcer.  It’s difficult to lose a parent but I was grateful for the 42 years I had my father.

I spoke with both Sherry and Pam this evening.  Pam finally received a “preliminary” Death Certificate for Dad pending the autopsy results.  “For Government Use Only” was stamped across the document.  The causes of death they listed were cardiopulmonary arrest (primary cause), hemorrhagic shock and gastrointestinal bleed probably due to duodenal ulcer.  They also listed significant conditions as hypertension, coronary artery disease, status post stent with history of aspirin therapy.  Funny, Pam and I asked the doctors in the hospital on at least 2 occasions about Dad’s aspirin therapy.  He was on 250 mg which to me, seemed high.  On doctor informed us that the 250 mg of aspirin was likely prescribed to reduce any further incidents of stroke and that they could control any bleeding caused as a side effect of the aspirin.  Well doc, apparently not.



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