Day Three Hundred Twenty Three

It was a sunny day in Ventura County today!  Sally and I picked up coffee, then went to get pedicures.  We both relaxed and enjoyed our coffee while playing with our Kindle Fires.  I had downloaded a book about learning and personalizing the Kindle Fire.  It was filled with some great information with capabilities I was completely unaware of.  I can’t wait to utilize my Fire to its fullest potential!

After our pedicures, Sally and I made a run to BevMo to stock up on some wine, then had lunch together.  We were able to get WiFi in Chipotle so we set up Sally’s Kindle e-mail so she could receive documents.  I think I can share books with her too, but I’ll have to do a little more research to figure it all out.  By the time I got home, Walker had just laid down for a well-needed nap.

In the evening, Dave, Kelly, Walker and I headed over to the Ventura Raceway for the opening of the 2012 racing season.  It got pretty cold once the sun went down but we had a great time anyway.  Walker had a blast and said he wanted to race the little cars.  He’s got a couple more years but we are already teaching him about the colors of the flags and what they mean.  Patrick had told me previously that if we do end up getting Walker into racing, he would be Walker’s pit crew mechanic.  It will be costly, but what a blast we’ll have!

The second to the last race took so long that we ended up going home before the final race.  Walker was fading and I was getting tired as well.  Now that the racing season has begun, we will be spending a lot of Saturday nights at the track.


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