Day Three Hundred Twenty Four

Happy Birthday to my fellow baby photographer Michelle Frick! If you haven’t seen Michelle’s work, you need to check it out.  Michelle Frick Creative Photography  She is located in Frisco, Texas and does portraits on location and in her studio.  She is a huge inspiration to me!

Now, back to the blog.  It was a beautiful, sunny day in Southern California today.  This morning was spent doing more laundry and cleaning the bathroom.  Fun stuff!  We let Kelly sleep in today as it appeared his Friday night shift was finally catching up with him.  We had an early lunch at Toppers, then walked around the Harbor.  We stopped by to visit Rick and Barb who were in the processing of tiling their kitchen.  We stayed long enough for Charlie and Rocko to get to know each other and for Walker to play chase with the two of them around the kitchen.  It was pretty funny!  I captured this photograph of the Channel Islands Harbor from Rick and Barbs balcony on the second floor of their condo.

When we got home, both Kelly and I took a nap while Walker refused to sleep.  I was exhausted.  After our nap, Kelly and I headed over to the Ventura Fairgrounds to volunteer at the Kids 4 You Consignment.  We helped sort items, match them to the consignor numbers, then help carry boxes of items out to the consignors vehicles.  It felt good to volunteer.  Even Kelly was glad I dragged him along.  We finished up shortly before 7:00 p.m. then headed home.




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