Day Three Hundred Twenty Six

I took my new lens with me to show off at work today.  Initially, I had every intention of going to “C” Street at lunchtime today to photograph surfers but unfortunately, two things got in my way.  One was my dental appointment which took me an hour and a half since they were running late today for my 30 minute appointment.  The other was the wind.  It was blowing so hard that I doubted if anyone was actually out surfing, it wasn’t pretty.  There was a lot of dust kicked up in the air which hovered over the beaches.  I’m hoping to head down to “C” Street this weekend for some shooting…it’s supposed to be nice.

In the evening, Walker allowed me to shoot some photographs of him with my new lens.  This shot below was the best of all.  He was helping me with dishes and stopped to pose for just a few quick shots.  My handsome little boy!


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