Day Three Hundred Thirty Eight

Walker ended up sleeping with me in Ethan’s twin bed last night which meant, it was a restless night of sleep.  Walker was so overtired that he kept waking up.  I think he was confused about where he was.  He did manage to sleep in until 7:00 a.m. which was a blessing.

In the morning, we all just hung around the house while Steve made a huge breakfast for everyone.  It was delicious.  We spent the morning cleaning up from the night before while the kids played together.  The kids then watched a movie while snuggling with Grandma Barb.  It was too cute so I had to capture the photograph with Alyssa, Grandma Barb, Walker and Ethan snuggled together.  Leslie brought Faith over in the morning to join in on the fun.  Faith was wearing the new clothes I had picked up for her along with her new princess book to read.  She roped in Grandma Barb and Lesley to listen to her read.  It was really cute.  Faith and Ethan ended up playing pirates together outside after the rain had stopped.  We headed back home just after noon.  Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before Walker fell asleep in the car.  He slept most of the way home.

When we arrived at home, Kelly was cleaning out the refrigerator for us.  The house smelled like a bottle of bleach.  There was no double the refrigerator was cleaned and sanitized!  Kelly took off for Fillmore just after dinner and playing Hot Wheels with Walker.  When bedtime arrived, Walker wasn’t tired and didn’t want to go to sleep.  Dave and I were exhausted so we just brought Walker in to bed with us for the night.  It took about 10-15 minutes for Walker to calm down before he finally fell asleep.  Hopefully, Walker will get back onto his schedule tomorrow.


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