Day Three Hundred Forty One

As soon as we arrived home from work today, Walker ran next door to Bob and Sally’s house.  They were sitting out front enjoying the sun and a glass of wine.  Walker went into their house, grabbed some toys, then came outside to play.  He had Sally, Bob and I racing his motorcycles with him.  I brought Charlie over as well so Duke would have a playmate.  They had a good time.

When Dave arrived home, Walker ran to meet him.  When Walker came back, he was munching on a Hot Tamale he stole from his Dad’s car.  He loves them and doesn’t seem to mind the heat!

In the evening, I sat icing my shoulder and neck trying to curb the inflammation from the chiropractic adjustment I had today.  My pinched nerve was already beginning to feel better, but I was definately sore.  I made the mistake of going into the hot tub.  All it did was aggravate the soreness.  I lasted about 5 minutes before I couldn’t handle the pain any longer.  I crawled out of the hot tub and into bed.  Walker climbed into bed too and we sat watching American Idol before I fell asleep with Walker in my arms.


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