Day Three Hundred Forty Four

Dave took Kelly and Brandon this morning to the mexican grocery store to pick up carne asada and chicken for dinner tonight.  Grandma Pam and I took Walker and Faith to Target for some shopping as well.  The blow up mattress Leslie slept on last night ended up losing all of its air.  She woke up on the hard floor.  Time for a new mattress.

Faith climbed into one of the shopping carts while Walker climbed into the other.  We must have looked like a crazy bunch particularly when Walker kept standing up to see things in the store.  Fortunately, he didn’t fall out.  We made our way to the check-out nearly two hours later.  I have no idea how families with multiple kids ever make it out of Target because by the time we got to the check-out, I was ready to get the heck out of there!

Bryan and Linda arrived at the house while we were gone so he took Linda, the kids and Leslie to the Harbor to get some sun.  They came back to the house shortly after we arrived, then Pam, Bryan, Leslie and I took off to Seabridge to pick up coffee and talk about plans for Dad.  We sat on the stadium steps discussing what we think his wishes may have been.  We decided that the boat trip for spreading his ashes may not be a good idea since three of the four of us get seasick.  We’ll have to figure out something else for Dad but we did decide that we would be having a celebration of life at our house on July 14th in the afternoon.  I will need to start working on invites and such.

When we returned from Seabridge, Bryan headed out to the backyard to play with the kids while Dave cooked dinner for the gang.  It was delicious!  Dave had picked up Savannah earlier in the day.  It has been a month since we’ve seen her.  Yet with the house full of people, I barely had a chance to spend much time with her.  Hopefully, we will have some time together tomorrow.


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