Day Three Hundred Fifty

I was busy, busy at work today taking advantage of not having to be in jury duty.  I was able to get started on my huge project which has a deadline by next Thursday.  I asked David if we could get an extension and the answer was, “NO!”.  Bummer!  I’d be working my fanny off today and maybe over the weekend.

I went to my chiropractic appointment that I had rescheduled from Wednesday, picked up lunch for Stephanie and I, then headed back to the office to continue slaving away at the discovery I had due.  I was able to tackle most of it, going through the client’s documents, typing responses and e-mailing back and forth with our client.  Dave came by the office to switch cars with me as he wanted to take Walker with him to Savannah’s 3:00 swim meet.  This gave me a little more time to work.  I finally wrapped everything up, doing as much as I could without having additional documents from the client, and headed out of the office at about 3:45 p.m.  I am counting on the Judge’s word from yesterday wherein he stated we would likely be released a little early on Monday.  Either way, I’ve gotta head back to the office after court on Monday to work on this project.

It was quiet when I got home as Kelly was sleeping.  He had worked the night shift.  Poor Charlie was itching for some attention so we played for a while.  I caught this really cute shot of Charlie while we played.


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