Day Three Hundred Fifty One

The day started early for a Saturday morning.  I decided to join Sally for the morning walk with her church group in the Ventura Harbor.  We left the house at 7:45 a.m.  It was misty, drizzly and cold.  Good thing I threw my hair in a hat because it was going to be a curly mess by the time we were done.  When we got there, Sally informed me we were doing trash pick-up on the beach.  I had never done that before and with some of the things we found, I wished I had brought gloves!  We found some rusted metal, tons of plastic, shoes, socks, sunglasses and even a large chunk of fiberglass.  I felt good to clean our own beaches to avoid anyone stepping on the items we found.

After the clean-up, the group (there was six of us) had breakfast a Le Petite Cafe & Bakery in the Ventura Harbor Village.  It was delicious, with home-made french toast made with a croissant.  I was good and only ate one of the three pieces on my plate.  It came with a delicious small bowl of fruit.  I was starving by the time we got there, but was careful not to overeat.

As soon as I arrived at home, Grandma Barb called.  She was going to take Walker to the garden with her today.  I grabbed an extra pair of clothes for him, a sand bucket and a couple of plastic trucks.  He was so excited!  Grandma Barb picked up McDonald’s for the two of them before heading to the garden. Unfortunately while they were there, Walker had a first big potty “accident” and poor Grandma Barb didn’t have anything but rough toilet paper to clean him up.  She was able to change his chonies, clean him up and continue their day.  Other than that one incident, they had a great time!  The poppies were blooming in the garden and Walker had brought me home some fresh flowers.

While Walker was at the garden with Grandma Barb, Dave and Kelly went to the Sports Authority in Camarillo while Sally and I headed into downtown Ventura to do some thrift store shopping for photography props.  We found several adorable hats, a couple of blankets and misc. stuff for photo props.  We had a blast!

In the evening, it began to rain.  He had plans with Walker to set up the tent and play camp-out in the backyard.  Since the outdoor plan fell through, Dave decided to set up the camping inside in the front room.  He put up the two-man tent, threw in a blow up mattress, pillows, sleeping bags and some of Walker’s toys.  He even set up the DVD player so they could watch a movie together.  They started with “On Any Sunday”, the 1970’s motorcycle movie, then fell asleep to Bob the Builder.   Kelly went to the Navy Base after dinner to catch the free 8:00 p.m. movie.  I watched TV and kept an eye on our campers to ensure they would not be attacked by wild animals in the middle of the night (aka Charlie!).


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