Day Three Hundred Fifty Eight

I woke up early this morning…too early for a Saturday.  Apparently, last night’s chilli dogs were not agreeing with me.  Dave woke up early too.  He told me that Walker was still wide awake at 10:00 p.m. last night so Kelly took him for a ride in the car.  He drove around for about 30 minutes before Walker finally fell asleep.

We ran errands this morning, heading over to the Navy Exchange and the Commissory for groceries.  I met up with Elizabeth for lunch at noon in Ventura, then went to Michael’s to see what classes they were offering in April.  Sally and I were thinking about an acrylic painting class, but it doesn’t appear as if they really have much for painting in April.  It’s mainly knitting and crocheting.  I think I’ll skip those classes.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so Dave, Walker, Kelly, Charlie and I went for a walk to the park.  I took my new lens and shot a bunch of photographs of Walker.  Both Walker and Charlie had a great time at the park, particularly when we let Charlie off the leash.  He was a good dog and came back to us when we called him.

We stopped by Bob and Sally’s afterwards to see Sally’s new hairdo.  It looks great!  Walker and Charlie came over too and we all played in the backyard for about 30 minutes before heading back home for dinner. We’ve gotta get up early tomorrow morning as well.  We are heading down to Fontana for Savannah’s and my Christmas gift – three laps in an indy car around the California Speedway with Mario Andretti Racing.  It’s going to be a blast!


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