Day Three Hundred Sixty Three

Walker and I were greeted at home this afternoon by Grandma Sherry, Kelly, Lyla Blu and Charlie.  We went into the backyard to play for a little while before I started dinner.  Dave had taken chicken out a couple of days ago so I decided to make baked chicken parmesan…one of Kelly’s favorites.  It turned out pretty good.  Dave stayed down south tonight as he didn’t getting out of work until late, so unfortunately, he missed out on a good home-cooked meal.

After dinner, Grandma Sherry, Walker and I played Sequence.  Well, Walker just put his chips on the board where he thought his cards were, but he wasn’t really “playing” the game.  Somehow though, he kept “winning”!  It was too funny.

We watched American Idol after Walker’s bath tonight, then put Walker to bed around 8:30 p.m.  Grandma Sherry and I stayed up to watch the end of American Idol before heading off to bed ourselves.  Kelly had gone to bed early too as he was tired.  I had the luxury of sitting in bed reading my Kindle Fire tonight before falling asleep.  It made me realize how much I miss reading in the evenings.

I took photographs this afternoon before and after dinner – one with Grandma Sherry and Kelly together and the other with Grandma Sherry and Walker washing dishes.  I uploaded the photographs into Lightroom (as I usually do) then remembered I had downloaded three new plug-ins called onOne Perfect Presets, Vol. 1-3.  I utilized two of the presets on the photographs below.  Fun stuff!


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