Although I tried to sleep in this morning, I knew I had to get up and head into work at the hospital today.  By the looks of the chart from yesterday, it was going to be a busy baby day…and I was right.  I photographed six babies today and had a blast!  I was definately tired by the time I left just after 4:00 p.m.  I walked out of the hospital to find grey clouds and drizzle.  Not sure where that came from since the last time I watched the news, it was supposed to be sunny.   All I wanted to do now was go home, put on my sweats and curl up with my family.

When I arrived at home, Walker was napping and Dave was relaxing on the couch.  It didn’t take too long before Walker woke up after hearing my voice.  He had been sleeping on his new window cushion in my office, snuggled up with Poor Bear, Tigger and Bubba Monkey.  He was a hot, sweaty and grumpy mess when he woke up (I guess he didn’t get enough sleep).  He finally calmed down enough to grab a marker and color on the calendar his Aunt Dee bought him last year.

Dave made yummy steak and vegetables for dinner, then we all relaxed in the hot tub.  Walker and I ended up falling asleep on the couch together which meant he ended up in bed with us as well.  Here’s hoping I can sleep in tomorrow!

020213-02 020213-03


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