It was a gloomy, chilly morning on the way in to work today.  Stephanie and I went out to Pier 1 Imports at noon at it was almost drizzling.  Stephanie was helping with some decorating ideas for our new buffet in our front room.  There were a ton of options with various plaster vases and woven baskets, but of course the items I really liked were over $100 each.  On top of that, it was difficult finding a set of matching items – one vase/basket for either side of the buffet.  I did find a really nice red and gold table runner for the top of the buffet which was 20% off.  Gotta love things you need on sale!

In the evening, as usual, Walker, Charlie and I were over at Bob and Sally’s house chatting, having a glass of wine and eating dinner.  Afterwards, we headed back to the house for bathtime, some TV, then bedtime.  I ended up staying up late in order to work on processing and deleting old photographs.  I am currently working in my April 2011 folder.  Only a few thousand more photos to go!  Ughhh!

On the positive side, I received a phone call from Savannah this evening.  Not only has she been accepted to CSUCI – Cal State University Channel Islands, she just got accepted to Cal State University Northridge (CSUN).  They have a great Kinesiology program there.  We are so proud of you Savannah!



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