The chills set in last night.  I took a piping hot shower just before bed last night, snuggled up with Walker to read him two books, they knocked out.  I was still feeling chilly and exhausted this morning but dragged myself into work anyway.I kept my heater running all day under my desk while loading up on Emergen-C.  By the time I started on the green tea, I was actually starting to feel better.

I picked up Walker from Lori’s house and found that Little Joe had already prepared his quote for the week.  Actually, he had done it first thing this morning.  I was so proud of him!  Of course, he had to be on my blog again today along with a photograph I took of Lori and Jensen (seeing as it was Jensen’s birthday yesterday!)  Happy Birthday Jensen!

I sent Walker over to Bob and Sally’s when we got home until the Terminix inspector came to finish up the pest inspection for our refinance.  We passed with flying colors.  Now if we can just get our refi to get wrapped up as quickly as this inspection!



One response to “28 DAYS OF FEBRUARY 2013 – DAY ELEVEN

  1. Thank you Cynthia! this is very cute!!!

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