It was a hopping busy day at work today preparing for next weeks trial with David.  It made the day just fly by.  Walker handed out his Valentine’s to daycare and I handed out the others at work.  This year, we chose CARS Valentine’s with temporary tattoos for everyone, including the girls at work!

Lori called me at work today to tell me that Walker and Presley had been playing together in the play room when Presley told Walker that she wanted him to sing her a song.  He asked her what song she wanted.  She told him she didn’t care, but that it had better be good!  So Walker starts singing some random song when Presley stops him and says, “No!  I want you to sing about chocolate!”  Walker doesn’t know any songs about chocolate so he just started making a song up for her.  Lori said it was hilarious!  Poor guy – already can’t win with the ladies!  So I thought it only appropriate to photograph Walker and Miss Sassy Presley for my blog today!

Both Bob and Dave were working on Valentine’s Day so I cooked dinner for Sally, Walker and I.  We had chicken parmesan by candlelight and Walker actually enjoyed it!  The rest of the night was a little TV, bath and bedtime.  I’m working at the hospital tomorrow so no sleeping in for me!

021413-03 021413-04


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