Today was sure to be another busy day at the hospital.  I had already told Dave he would need to make reservations for dinner after 5:00 p.m. today as I was certain I would be late.  Sally had offered to babysit Walker for us so we could actually have a “date night”.  I planned on settling in for a long day when I arrived at the hospital.  However, I was surprised to find that between parents/babies holding off on pictures until tomorrow and some not wanting any at all, I only photographed three babies of the eleven rooms I visited.  I was excited to be outta there before 3:00 p.m.!

I came home and found Dave had started tearing apart the kitchen to prep the cabinets for stripping and re-staining.  After discussing several projects he wanted to tackle this week while he was off work, we decided that the kitchen would be the first of many.  So while Dave was working on the kitchen, I went outside to play with Walker until nap time.  Not Walker’s nap time, but mine!  Walker had woken up this morning at 5:45 a.m.!  Ughhhh!  I tried taking several photographs of Walker playing in the sandbox, yet Charlie kept trying to jump up on my lap.  I captured this quick photo during one of his attempts.

Dave and I went to dinner at Prime – one of our favorite steakhouses in Ventura County.  We were fortunate to end up with the same awesome waiter as we had the last three times we had been there – Ryan.  He goes above and beyond taking care of you during your dinner.  One of the best parts of dinner tonight was what happened just after our salads were delivered.  This gal starting walking towards Dave and I when it dawned on me….it was Candice Lopez!  My little Candy Cane that used to live next door to us when we first moved in.  Candice, who was a mere 11 years old when we met, is now 23 and engaged to be married.  She looked great!  It was so wonderful to visit with her.  We exchanged numbers promising to get together soon.  During the entire encounter with Candice and her fiance Bryan, our waiter Ryan noticed we had not yet eaten our salads.  So, he informed the kitchen to hold off on bringing our main course to allow us time to enjoy our salads.  Like I said, he is the very best waiter around!  It was a wonderful evening with my husband enjoying food, drinks and a visit with Candice.



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