The day started with housecleaning and laundry…so much fun! 😦  Walker ended up helping me clean the bathrooms.  His job is the bathroom mirrors and the toilets.  He does a really good job.  I captured the picture below as he stood on my bathroom counter cleaning the mirrors.

Sally and I went to have our toes and nails done and we took Walker with us since Dave was busy working on the kitchen.  This is the second time we had to take Walker with us and he has done really well.  He plays on my Kindle Fire and fully entertains himself.  He is such a good boy!

When we got home from getting our nails done, Walker could hear Andrew in the backyard next door.  So, we peeked over the fence and invited Andrew over.  The boys played for a good 2-3 hours chasing each other, rough housing, and pushing each other around in Walker’s red car.  They were hilarious to watch!

In the evening, we stopped by Play It Again Sports to see what they had for Walker’s t-ball gear.  As it turned out, they have everything we needed – pants, cleats, socks and a belt.  We found an Angels hat for Walker and for me, I picked up a new hybrid golf club. 🙂  We then headed to Lowe’s for more stripper goop and to look for shelf liners.  They didn’t have a very good selection but we did see Bob there.  Afterwards, we went to Casa De Soria for dinner, then headed home for a relaxing night at the house.

021713-01 021713-08


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