It was crisp and cool in Monterey when we left the Navy Lodge this morning around 9:00 a.m.  We stopped to get gas, then took Highway 1 to the Pebble Beach/Pacific Grove exit.  Our destination – 17 Mile Drive.  It turned out to be absolutely beautiful weather for our trip – a little chilly, very windy at times, but clear blue skies set among a crisp, blue ocean.

We spent the day on 17 Mile Drive stopping taking pictures and putting a little bit of Dad here and there.  Dad came with us on one of the fairways of Poppy Hill Golf Course, visited the Lone Cypress by a memorial rock, then joined us at Pebble Beach Golf Course on the 1st and the 18th holes.  His last resting place was on the beach just below Pebble Beach Golf Course as the waves came to wash him out to sea.   The girls then headed to The Bench overlooking the 18th hole, having lunch and celebrating our goal of putting Dad on Pebble Beach.  It was a wonderful day!

We headed back to the hotel just before 3:00 p.m. exhausted and windblown.  Sally, Elizabeth and I took short naps while Pam played games on my Kindle Fire.  We stayed in the room the rest of the evening sharing wine and ordering Chinese food for dinner.  We were too tired to go out to dinner and after the cost of lunch at The Bench, we wanted dinner budget-style.  Our plan is to head out early in the morning to make it home in time for the Daytona 500.  Although we likely won’t get there when the green flag drops, hopefully we will make it home to see any good crashes and before the end of the race.

022313-01 022313-02


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