Happy Birthday Dee and Janet!

It was tough crawling out of bed this morning and heading into work knowing that I am leaving Grandma Pam behind at the house today.  She doesn’t head back to Arizona until tomorrow.  So, hopefully I can get in and out of work early enough to spend some more time with her.  As it turned out, there wasn’t a ton of work waiting for me so I was able to leave at noon today.

I picked up Walker at Lori’s then headed home.  I was able to get Walker down for a nap which allowed Pam and I to play Sequence for about an hour and a half before Walker woke up.  We met up with Dee and Katelen at Dominick’s to celebrate both mine and Dee’s birthday.  Pam and I did really well at dinner – we split a meal, had soup and salad, one slice of bread, coffee and iced tea.  We were both still exhausted from our trip so we got home, gave Walker a bath and chilled until about 9:00 p.m.  Kelly was at the house when we came home from dinner.  He too was tired so it was an early night for all of us.




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