Today is the final day of my 28 Days of February 2013 post.  The time seemed to fly by this month (maybe because it’s a short month?:))  I am hoping to make this blog a series of mini-blogs throughout the year.  It feels good to challenge myself, to photograph for pleasure again rather than just on weekends for work.  Walker’s being involved in T-ball will definately put me back on the fun track again.

Speaking of which – Walker and Andrew had their T-ball practice today at Bubbling Springs Park in Port Hueneme as the field at the Navy Base was unavailable tonight.  It was a really nice park with a variety of T-ball and soccer practices going on.  The boys had a blast at practice, but I think it was probably more fun for the parents to watch.  There were a few more additions to the team this week with a total of about 11 boys and 1 cute little girl named Haley.  It is a total crack-up watching the coach toss softballs to the kids and the scared looks on their faces as the balls came towards them.  I did manage to capture a funny shot of Walker as he dove for one of the balls.  I can’t wait to see these kids at their opening game on March 16th.  Those photographs should definately be blog-worthy!

022813-02 022813-01


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