As a busy wife and mother, I decided to tackle a huge undertaking with my photography by taking at least one photograph every day for a year.  Yes, this has been done many times before by thousands of others.  Yet, I have never taken on this challenge myself.

I have been holding a camera, shooting, processing and sifting through photographs for as long as I could remember.  As a young girl, I remember sitting on the floor in my grandmother’s house flipping through albums of old photographs.   Over the years, my enrollment in various photography courses has helped me fine-tune my skills which resulted in a stronger desire to capture life behind the lens.

You might be asking, “Why start smack in the middle of April with this project and not at the beginning of a new year?”  I’ve heard it said that a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, and there is no time like the present.  So, I had to begin somewhere.  It is a overwhelmingly daunting task to photograph, process, write and post every single day for 365 days.  But for me, life isn’t going to get any less hectic in the coming years.  I have a husband, an 18 year-old step-son in college, a 15 year-old step-daughter in high school and a 2-1/2 year old son at home.  I work a full-time job in a law firm as a paralegal.  No, life isn’t going to slow down any time soon.

My inspiration for this project came from a recent course I took with professional wedding and portrait photographer, Paul Gero.  I learned more about cameras, lenses, flash units and photography itself from Paul than I had in over 20 years of combined instruction.  In 2009, Paul took on the challenge of photographing and documenting his journey of life through the lens for 365 days ( www.onecameraonelensonephotoaday.com).  Now I will take on the challenge.

With my Canon 5D Mark II in hand, I will commit to taking at least one photograph every day for the next 365 days with the goal of capturing the little moments, the big moments, and the seemingly insignificant moments in between that we sometimes take for granted.  Please join me on this journey.

Cynthia Bullard, Photographer


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