Walker informed me this morning that he wanted to stay with Grandma Pam today rather than go to Lori’s house.  So while they played together, I headed off to work.  David was out of the office again today – another day to get caught up and organized.  It’s my Friday today…thank goodness!  What a week!

Today was the beginning of Walker’s T-Ball season.  Dave, Kelly, Walker, Grandma Pam and I drove over to the base for his 5:00 p.m. practice.  Our neighbors, Jeff, Kim and Andrew followed.  Unfortunately, they got stuck at the front gate of the Navy Base – for some reason, they were not on the list for T-Ball.  Kelly ended up dropping us off at the field, then going back to pick up Jeff, Kim and Andrew to bring them to the field.  The base access problem would need to get solved later.  The kids had a blast at practice.  There a about 9 boys and 1 girl on the team.  The coaches ran the kids through catching drills, batting and running.  Walker was exhausted by the time we got home since he skipped his nap today.  He passed out at about 7:45 p.m. tonight.

It’s a good thing Walker is getting his rest tonight – he has his very first dental appointment tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.  Dave is taking him since I am leaving for Monterey in the morning.  I’m sure Walker will tell me all about it when I call him tomorrow night.






Olivia took me out for my birthday lunch today since I won’t be in the office on Sunday :).  We had a really nice, leisure lunch at Macaroni Grill and shared a delicious chicken entree.  David was engaged in a private mediation outside the office today so I was able to get a lot of work done without too many interruptions.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the same as he will be in an all day trial.

Walker was excited to see Grandma Pam’s truck in front of the house when we came home from work and daycare today.  Dave was working hard on staining the kitchen cabinets – they looked great!  Walker, Kelly, Grandma Pam and I went to Bob and Sally’s – mainly to go get Charlie who had bolted as soon as I opened up the garage door.  Sally was visiting with friends so Pam, Bob and I enjoyed a glass of wine together before heading home for dinner.  Kelly put  steaks on the grill for dinner while I made salad and rice, giving Dave a break from the kitchen.  One more day of work tomorrow, then it’s off to Monterey.  I can’t wait!



The rain moved in late last night.  I woke up just past 1:00 a.m. to hear the pitter-patter of the rain drops on the patio.  I couldn’t sleep – too much brain chatter.  So I just got up and went into my office to work on the computer getting caught up on things that were nagging on my mind.

I dropped Walker off at Lori’s, walked out of her house and noticed a really nice nail sticking out of my left front tire.  Bummer!  Kelly ended up coming to the office, dropping off the Ford and taking my car into the tire shop to get the nail removed and have the tires rotated.  Thanks Kelly!  It was way too busy at the office so I was grateful to not have to take time off to take care of the tire.

The kitchen was completely torn apart when Walker and I got home.  Dave and Kelly were busy little bees today sanding and prepping.  With most of the kitchen spread into the family and living rooms, we ended up going to Toppers for dinner.   I skipped on the pizza tonight and had a large salad with garlic-dipped chicken.  It was good.  I grabbed this shot of the Channel Islands Harbor just before the rain started coming down again (using a few tweaks in Photoshop).  I spent the rest of the evening in my office sitting among piles of paperwork getting organized – one of the things I was able to check off my brain chatter list from early this morning.  Now if I could just find enough time in the day to process the thousands of photos still left untouched on my computer.  Oh well, one project at a time.



I had the day off today so Dave and I planned another “date” together for a round of golf.  We dropped Walker at Lori’s house, then headed to the CBC Base for a 9:37 tee time.  It was completely crowded as most everyone had President’s Day off today.  I did pretty well on the first 9 holes, then completely choked on the last 9.  Although my drives were great, I couldn’t hit my irons or putt for the life of me.  I was tired, sore and the wind was blowing hard – particularly on Holes 9 and 12.  I ended with a 118 – nothing for the record books that’s for sure.  But as I always say, a bad day of golf beats working!

Sally came over in the late afternoon to show us her new car.  Her poor BMW Z3 was traded in after several attempts at trying to repair it.  It would cost too much money to try and fix so she traded it in for a red and black Mini Cooper.  It is such a cute car.  And although the timing wasn’t the greatest for Sally’s BMW to take a dive, the Mini suits Sally just fine!



The day started with housecleaning and laundry…so much fun! 😦  Walker ended up helping me clean the bathrooms.  His job is the bathroom mirrors and the toilets.  He does a really good job.  I captured the picture below as he stood on my bathroom counter cleaning the mirrors.

Sally and I went to have our toes and nails done and we took Walker with us since Dave was busy working on the kitchen.  This is the second time we had to take Walker with us and he has done really well.  He plays on my Kindle Fire and fully entertains himself.  He is such a good boy!

When we got home from getting our nails done, Walker could hear Andrew in the backyard next door.  So, we peeked over the fence and invited Andrew over.  The boys played for a good 2-3 hours chasing each other, rough housing, and pushing each other around in Walker’s red car.  They were hilarious to watch!

In the evening, we stopped by Play It Again Sports to see what they had for Walker’s t-ball gear.  As it turned out, they have everything we needed – pants, cleats, socks and a belt.  We found an Angels hat for Walker and for me, I picked up a new hybrid golf club. 🙂  We then headed to Lowe’s for more stripper goop and to look for shelf liners.  They didn’t have a very good selection but we did see Bob there.  Afterwards, we went to Casa De Soria for dinner, then headed home for a relaxing night at the house.

021713-01 021713-08


Today was sure to be another busy day at the hospital.  I had already told Dave he would need to make reservations for dinner after 5:00 p.m. today as I was certain I would be late.  Sally had offered to babysit Walker for us so we could actually have a “date night”.  I planned on settling in for a long day when I arrived at the hospital.  However, I was surprised to find that between parents/babies holding off on pictures until tomorrow and some not wanting any at all, I only photographed three babies of the eleven rooms I visited.  I was excited to be outta there before 3:00 p.m.!

I came home and found Dave had started tearing apart the kitchen to prep the cabinets for stripping and re-staining.  After discussing several projects he wanted to tackle this week while he was off work, we decided that the kitchen would be the first of many.  So while Dave was working on the kitchen, I went outside to play with Walker until nap time.  Not Walker’s nap time, but mine!  Walker had woken up this morning at 5:45 a.m.!  Ughhhh!  I tried taking several photographs of Walker playing in the sandbox, yet Charlie kept trying to jump up on my lap.  I captured this quick photo during one of his attempts.

Dave and I went to dinner at Prime – one of our favorite steakhouses in Ventura County.  We were fortunate to end up with the same awesome waiter as we had the last three times we had been there – Ryan.  He goes above and beyond taking care of you during your dinner.  One of the best parts of dinner tonight was what happened just after our salads were delivered.  This gal starting walking towards Dave and I when it dawned on me….it was Candice Lopez!  My little Candy Cane that used to live next door to us when we first moved in.  Candice, who was a mere 11 years old when we met, is now 23 and engaged to be married.  She looked great!  It was so wonderful to visit with her.  We exchanged numbers promising to get together soon.  During the entire encounter with Candice and her fiance Bryan, our waiter Ryan noticed we had not yet eaten our salads.  So, he informed the kitchen to hold off on bringing our main course to allow us time to enjoy our salads.  Like I said, he is the very best waiter around!  It was a wonderful evening with my husband enjoying food, drinks and a visit with Candice.



The wind had picked up over night and it was actually a little warm out for a change.  Fun for my sinuses, but a beautiful day.  I dropped off Walker at Lori’s house and headed to the hospital.  Although it wasn’t super busy, I spent a lot of time (too much time) waiting around for photo shoots for people who wanted pictures taken today.  However, it allowed me to process the photos I had taken while waiting which saved me a ton of time at the end of the day.  That said, I didn’t get out of there until 3:45 p.m.  Much of that was my fault; I spent a lot of time with the last couple whose baby I was photographing.  We hit it off and began chatting about life, family and values.  I love to connect with great families such as this one.  So, I added a few extra black and white pics for them in their gallery. 🙂  When I left the hospital, the sun was peeking through the clouds making for a good photo opportunity from the parking structure.

Dave picked up Walker from Lori’s which saved me the extra trip on the way home.  When I got home, Walker wrangled me into playing football, soccer and frisbee before dinner.  He then went on the swing which gave me an opportunity to photograph from different angles.  I love this shot below because it reminds me of what being a kid is all about with no cares in the world!

021513-01 021513-04